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About Mental Health

What is Good Mental Health?

Good mental health encompasses many aspects of life including the ability successfully meet daily needs and to appropriately interact with other people. 

This can include learning new skills, counseling to understand how we fit in this world, medication when needed to help with physical/mental barriers.

Mental Health Symptoms

What are some of the symptoms that Might need treatment?


Sad or down

Feeling sad or down is common with every one. When it becomes the common state or becomes debilitating it needs treatment.


Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate

Most of us can have short periods of confusion. When it becomes a regular occurance, it may need treatment.


Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt

Having a fear or worry is not uncommon but when it interfers with life it may need treatment.


Extreme mood changes of highs and lows

This may or may not be perceived as a problem by yourself. Often feedback from friends and family are needed. It can be treated to make your life more productive.


Withdrawal from friends and activities

If you lose all desire to interact with friends and family, it may be a red flag that you need help.


Significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping

If low energy is a problem or tiredness leads an inability to function you may need help.

Mental Health Treatment

How to maintain good mental health?

Develop a good lifestyles that reinforces your needs.

Achieving Good Mental Health

Take steps to help yourself

Be aware of your needs. Our office is here to provide guidance and help. For emergencies you may contact our crisis line at 208-243-0944

Suicidal thoughts

Help is available. Contact someone today. The "988" line is available as is "911" for life threatening emergencies.

Problems with alcohol or drug abuse

This is an issue that often requires help. We have staff trained in dealing with these issues or there are community organizations designed to help.

Excessive anger, hostility, or violence

Anger, hostility can isolate your life and limit your resources. We can help.

Trouble understanding and relating to situations and to people

It is difficult to function in this world without the ability to relate to others. Our staff are trained to help.