Mental Health Issues

Take steps to protect yourself

Do you have difficulty with relationships

Most to us do. The telling point is when negatively interfers with our live sand the lives of others.

If you can change your life so that you don’t have a negative influence on others then do it. If not you should seek help from friends, religious leaders, or professionals.


To support yourself you need to ensure that your lifestyle support a road to good mental health. Included would be a good diet, adequate sleep, and a supporting vocation/avocation.

You don't have enough physical resources to meet your needs.

Whether housing, food, money, or other needs. If these needs are not being met you may need to seek professional help to meet those needs.

There are a number of resources in the community that can help with little or no cost to you. J & M Mental Health can help you find the resources you need. Other sources include religious leaders and community mental health centers. 


There are also resources to help you manage your income including J & M Mental Health.

If you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, contact emergency services immediately. (988) or (911)

People in quarantine should stay home, separate themselves from others, monitor their health, and follow directions from their state or local health department.

Evaluate yourself regularly

How are your relationships with other people?

It is sad to be locked into a negative lifestyle regularly. There is a way to bring happiness into your life without injuring others mentally or physically. We can help you onto a happier and more stable lifestyle.

Check with a reliable friend or counselor

Many times it is difficult for us to know how well we are truly doing. It is a good idea to check often with a reliable friend or counselor periodically to evaluate our progress.

Again religious leaders and professional counselors are normally good contact points for evaluating progress. J & M Mental health has a collection of good counselors that you may choose from.

Protect yourself & others

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Find the resources  to help you maintain or improve your life.


Be Aware

Know how you impact others and yourself. Without this self-knowledge you cannot improve yourself.



Do something about it. Take the steps needed to improve or maintain your best mental health.